Talking about design, people always think of complex software which require professional knowledge and skills. In fact, thanks to the latest advances in technology nowadays, people are having closer access to this creative profession. Designing infographics is now just a piece of cake to even the ones who don’t have any idea of design. However, grasping 3 basic principles of infographics designs below is still crucial if you desire to make stunning infographics of your own!

1. Simplify the layout and content to the maximum

Infographics is a new type of design which is the combination of text and images, so if you are not a professional designer, you had better focus on simplifying all the details in the inforgraphics. Firstly, shorten the texts into words or brief and easy-to-understand phrases so that the viewers will be inspired to read them. Besides, the colors used in your works should be harmonic to catch the viewers’ eyes. Trying to show too many details in your infographics just make people get bored and tired of reading them.

3 Basic Design Principles To Create High- Quality Infographics2. Pay attention to the aesthetics

Although infographic is just a way to convey information but you must also focus on the aestheticism so that your work will be more attractive to your customers. Besides selecting high- quality images and managing the layout suitably, you should take advantages of special effects. And just bear in mind that all the images or colors or any effects applied to your infographics must be in the harmony and fit well with the information that you are trying to convey through your work.

3 Basic Design Principles To Create High- Quality Infographics3. Be more creative

Design is a profession which is creativity demanding, especially for works like infographics in which texts and images work together. Therefore, never stop to be creative when it comes to design an infographic. A stunning design would be beneficial to boost your sales and build the brand love from your customers. As for professional designers, it is not a challenge at all thanks to their daily practices, However, as a beginner, you should take advantage of professional design tools to fulfill your design.

3 Basic Design Principles To Create High- Quality InfographicsNow you have known what are 3 basic principles to design an infographic. If it is still a challenge for a beginner like you, let DesignBold help you create stunning and professional infographics just by easy-to-follow steps. Just by simple drags- and- drops, anyone can design infographics as a skilful designer!