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Tips On Choosing The Right Fonts For Logo Design

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A logo is the representation of any companies. It says who you are, it features your brand identity. It’s what your targets see the most once your brand is out there in public. Colors, together with fonts, are integral and…

Top 5 Mistakes Newbie YouTuber Must Avoid At All Cost

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No matter how exceedingly valuable your video content may be, if your YouTube page doesn’t convey all that at first sight, you’ll be losing opportunities to get more views and subscribers. Making a YouTube channel is hard, even for senior…

DesignBold’s 2018 Review And Plans For 2019

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Design in 5 Minutes DesignBold Hi, there bolders! With 2018, we have completed another year of DesignBold and now its time to put into action our plans for 2019. But, before we move forward it is fun and sensible to…

Top 11 Graph Makers For Effective Data Visualization

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The general requirements for creating great graphs are just the same as creating great writing – The graphs should be well arranged, succinct, free of fluff, and compelling. The last one is the most important. And it’s just as well.…