An attractive cover page will create a good impression on your Facebook visitors. Find out about 4 ways to elevate your Facebook cover in this article.

How to upgrade your Facebook Cover

1. Use a background image to promote your product

Many companies and businesses use Facebook cover designs to promote their current or upcoming products. Thus, they transform the wallpaper so that their product or brand becomes prominent, attractive and unique.

Facebook also recently added video to its personal cover, giving businesses and individuals more interaction with users through a variety of stills and images. With this method, Facebook cover will become more alive, not as boring as before.

2. Switch things up when there is a special occasion

If you feel your personal cover photo is too boring, you can update the background image by event, holiday or New Year. This helps you catch up with the trend, while also equipping your Facebook page with more colors.

Or simply change the image seasonally. This is also a simple and effective way to refresh your Facebook cover.

4 Ways To Upgrade Your Facebook CoverFacebook cover for special occasions

When you do not know how to put a cover Facebook wallpaper, just design it so that it is consistent with the logo of the company, business. They bring uniformity, consistency and you can transform into a more distinctive image if you want.

Logo design is also a safe and effective method for all cases, especially for companies which want to advertise their brand.

facebook coverFacebook cover design based on the logo

4. Convey a meaningful message

Meaningful content is also a unique way to design a Facebook cover. You can use quotations, combined with the image to create a cover that is impressive and memorable.

Online tools for Facebook wallpapers design

If you do not know how to have a quick design for a Facebook cover, you can use the following 5 tools to support and create the most beautiful pictures.

  1. DesignBold

DesignBold is the fastest and most effective photo online design tool. With millions stock photos, vectors and 12,000++ designs available, user is free to choose beautiful, trendy and best suited templates for themselves.

designboldDesignBold – Online design tool

  1. Uplevo

Uplevo is pre-configured Facebook’s standard image size. This tool allows non-professional designers to select samples and then edit some operations to find the most suitable image.

  1. Fotor

Fotor specializes in graphics but also has solutions on the cover design of Facebook. You just need to select the appropriate size of the photo, drag the necessary details to have a complete product. In addition, Fotor also has templates available from holidays to events for you to choose from.


  1. PicMonkey

Just upload your photo, PicMonkey will help you create a beautiful Facebook wallpapers with unique effects and details. However, the free version of PicMonkey is quite limited so you can pay to use more gadgets.

Here are 4 ways to transform Facebook Cover and design tools to support your creating the most interesting and attractive images. We hope that you’ve had the best choice for yourself!