Nowadays, creativity is always necessary for everyone, especially in professions like design. However, to some people, there are times that they feel super creative but then they couldn’t come up with anything new. What is the reason? Is it because that their talent, their skills and creativity suddenly disappear? No, the creativity doesn’t disappear, it is just destroyed by bad life habits. In this article, i will show you 5 bad habits that destroy your creativity.

1. Working without relaxation

It is the fact that even machine needs time to relax, so do humans. Working too much and not relaxing will make your body become weak because of the shortage of nutrients and this is one of the most noticeable reasons that has negative effects on your creativity.
When you are comfortable and healthy, you can enjoy the life and be full of inspirations to create new things. So, no matter how you like to work, let yourself relax so that when the ideas come up surprisingly, you are healthy enough to complete it

5 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Creativity2. Hesitating to change and experience something new

If you are working in the field that requires creativity, hesitating to change will make you worse and kill your creativity immediately. Creativity means trying new things, why don’t you go out and look for some new ideas instead of staying at the workplace and try to follow the old ones?
5 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Creativity

3. Not self-confident

If you don’t trust yourself, anyone on earth can trust you? Besides, when you work in a creative working environment, if you don’t be confident enough, you will be the loser. Why? Because you are shy to create new things, shy to express your feelings and even shy to tell what you think. When you act like that, it means that you are giving up on your work.

5 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Creativity4. Always ask for perfection

Be perfect is good in most of the situations but in design, this can have side effects. Because you always ask for well-done things and require all the people to act like you. Sometimes, you give up on your work because you think that it is not perfect so maybe people don’t like it. The advice is that you need to focus on your work and don’t think too much, just do anything you think you should do.

5 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Creativity5. Having no idea of technology

Technology is an endless treasure that is so helpful to every one in every aspects of life. To designers, design software as well as online design tools are so useful to your work if you know to use them. If you don’t know how to take advantage of technology into work, it is a waste of your amazing ideas.

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