Nowadays, people are overloaded with too much information. This requires us to find other ways to convey our message to them more than just through plain text or images. It is the reason why infographic is made. Infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. Within the last 3 years, infographics have emerged as a novel solution to keep information concise and present it in an appealing way.

In this article, i will give you 5 recommendations of online design tool which will assist you alot in making infographic.

1. Canva

Canva is a popular online design tool with which you can make professional designs for different purposes namely Facebook postPoster, Banner, …and Infographic also. Canvas offers its users hundreds of impressive templates so that anyone can make infographics according to their desire.

There are 2 types of infographic templates on Canvas: the ones with and without extra elements. The former is free so that anyone can make use of them without any payment. On the contrary, the latter which include special elements like icons or pictures cost the user an amount of money for using.

Five Effective Online Design Tool For Infographic MakingIn general, designing on Canva is not so challenging at all even to a design beginner. All the steps that you have to do are just adding some elements and editing them as you like. If you are fluent in Canvas, it may even just takes you 10-15 minutes to complete your own infographic design.


It is a pity if a non-designer has no idea of when it comes to make an infographic. This online design tool really makes designing just a piece of cake for everyone even in the first time they access to it.

To make it easier for the users to find out a suitable template, it allows them to search the template library by category. After selecting the template that you like, you will come to a new window where you can customize the infographic as you want. Just changing and editing backgrounds, shapes, text, charts, and you will get a new stunning infographicFive Effective Online Design Tool For Infographic Making

You can work on freely with limited sources of templates or upgrade to Pro Account starting at $3/month for more options. It is still an acceptable cost for such a great design tool, isn’t it?

3. Visme

Visme is regarded as an effective design tool to help amateur designer create stunning presentations, animations, mock-ups, banners and infographics also.

Five Effective Online Design Tool For Infographic MakingTo make an infographic on Visme, you will go through 4 simple steps below

  1. Login in with your account( or sign up a new account for the first time you access to it)
  2. Click on “Create New Visme” to start making your own design
  3. Select “Infographic” tab to see hundreds of infographic template available on Visme. However, not all of them are free to use,  some templates allow just premium accounts to use them which cost about $7/month
  4. Customize the infographic template you have just chosen the way you like

4. Venngage

Right on Venngage, you can find various templates for different purposes like reports, posters, presentations  and of course, infographics.

In terms of infographic, Venngage offers its users numerous topics and categories like:

  • Statistical
  • Informational
  • Process
  • Comparison
  • Timeline
  • Geographic
  • Charts
  • Tutorial

In each of these category, not all the template are available to use without any payments, but the free resources are also so amazing for an infographic. The cost for upgrading your account is still acceptable, about $15/month

Five Effective Online Design Tool For Infographic MakingAfter selecting the template, the rest is just editing it as you want! The special point is that Venngage allow you to insert “Widgets” including things like maps and charts into your design, which can basically beautify your infographic and also make it clear and easy-to-follow

5. DesignBold

DesignBold has long been known as an excellent online design tool to let even amateur designers make great works. Infographic is not an exception.

All the templates for infographic making on DesignBold are designed and selected seriously so that it would be a trustworthy website for the users to come and make stunning infographics from.the templates sources. Even if you have no idea of setting up the layout, color blending or typography, it is not a big deal because all the templates will inspire you and give you some suggestions on how to make things harmonic. There are also unlimited elements that you can add to your design likes shapes, icons, symbols, to make your infographic more attractive and visual.

Five Effective Online Design Tools For Infographic Making Besides, what make DesignBold become the favorite design tool of the majority of non-designers is too simple and easy-to-follow steps on it to complete the design. Just by simple drags-and-drops, you can quickly create an infographic as impressive as a professional designer do.

I have just shown you 5 most effective online design tool to make great infographics. Each one has its own perks, but in general, they all are valuable and helpful, especially for a design amateur. Now, if you want to try the favorite design tool of many users, click on DesignBold and discover it. Making infographic will not be a challenge to you anymore thanks to DesignBold. Guest Post: Overcoming Infographic Design Challenges with DesignBold