Creativity and increasing creativity are a long process, requiring absolute meticulousness and patience. Making it a part of everyday life will get you familiar and become a very good habit. Try them out!

1. Scrawls

These non-purpose drawings are not signs of neglect or distraction. In fact, this is a great way to boost your creativeness and inspire your next work. It helps you elicit many things, launching unique neurons, glowing bold thoughts. Famous minds like Steve Jobs and Henry Ford are often drawn to catch the idea. Scrawl is also encouraged companies to promote innovative ideas.

creativityScrawling is part of the doodle art.

2. Try something new.

When standing outside your “comfort zone”, the brain will have to work to find a solution. That’s the way to foster creativity. Join the cooking courses, learn how to dance, learn about new design tools or learn drawing to stimulate your creativity.

3. Your sketchbook

Not only is it the way to save memories, but a sketchbook is also a place for you to draw, freeing your mind anytime anywhere. With just one pocketbook, the same pen, you can draw anything that appears at eyesight. The first pictures probably will not make you happy, but enjoy the fun, the excitement when drawing. By the time you get a closer look, you will notice that your “workmanship” is progressing on a daily basis, creativity is also nurtured. Take a few minutes to sketch the day, you will get unexpected results.


Sketchbook helps you create art anytime, anywhere

4. Try to create short stories.

Sounds very scholar right? Do not be afraid to create a story for yourself. Only about 100 – 200 words, you will have a small story of yourself. It can be written about the colour of the picture, what you hear, you see, or the idea of ​​a classic quote … When you write, let the imagination flow, the pen will write out all the creativity that you have.


Relax your mind with self-composed stories

5. 30 interesting circles test

A sheet of paper with 30 circles, your task is to add 30 circles with things that have the same shape in life. It seems to be very easy but it’s really hard. In Tedtalk, Tim Brown illustrated this intellectual game, and as a result, people have had a hard time associating objects around. Try this game to find out your creativity.


Can you finish the test in just 15 minutes?

Here are five ways to nurture and develop your creativity. Hope this article provides useful information for you. To find more inspirations, please visit DesignBold Academy!