Advertising is becoming more and more popular. To reduce the design cost as well as improve the productivity, a myriad of design tools have been created. However, the uniqueness, in turn, also severely worsen. No new breakthrough in the design software, banners are made with the same style, consequently, brands look the same to each other. It’s time we stopped for a while and think carefully on how to make us shine on our own.

creativitycreativityLogo overlays represent a lack of creativity

How important is creativity?

Designing is the post-creativity process. Every design has to start with an idea. And that idea should be an unique one. Creativity is critical if you want to differentiate yourself and grab people’s attention. Creativity makes advertising much more effective than non-creative advertising, but only if your time scale for reporting is six months or longer.

Although the design has many different styles, they are all based on the general principles. What makes the difference in your design is the highlight of the design, not just the mere application of theoretically principles, but the creativity throughout the process.

CreativityImportance of creativity in design

The diminution of creativity

Creativity is not something that just says “appear”, it will immediately appear in front of you. It takes time to grow up, it takes inspiration to get ideas, it takes magic to mold, and it takes practice – to prove it useful. This is a long process, requires patience and meticulousness to succeed. However, not everyone has that patience. In the design industry, there are hundreds, thousands of design tools with different starters. In that same application, the finished product does not have any breakthroughs, even more than 60% duplication.


Creation becomes scarcer than ever

Slow down to seek your own creativity

Delaying is to not follow given path of the society and to seek for self-breakthrough. Delay is not something bad, because it means that you wait for the opportunity, give yourself the opportunity to develop a bigger idea. Apple CEO Steve Jobs – who had achieved great success by delaying the decisions of a corporation. His work has helped the company reap the countless brilliant ideas, the right decisions. By looking at the new direction, thinking, exploring the possibilities among the myriad of immediate ideas, persistence, perseverance and creative minds, Steve has found the best solution. Slow down, so that the mind catches up with the idea, creativity will find you.creativity 3

Slow down and focus

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