An impressive resume is essential in increasing the opportunities of getting the job of candidates. So, through this article, we would like to give you a little trick to get an impressive CV: strategic colors.

The importance of having a good and captivating resume.

There is no deny that a captivating CV, or at least one that can catch the employer’s attention, can take you very far in getting your dream job.

  • Your CV will be kept among the batches of resumes sent to potential recruiters.
  • The probability of getting an interview will greatly increase.
  • This is a chance to get recruiters to remember your name, make another milestones
    in your life

Therefore, your CV is very important, so you need to invest a lot in it to make it impressive by choosing some strategic colors.

Strategic Colors To Highlight Your CV – Find A Job Quickly And EffectivelyWhich strategic colors do you need in your CV?

This is where you stop to ask yourself what is strategic color? What strategic color will make an impression? Here we give you a few suggestions.

Contrasting colors

Professional CV makers always know how to effectively apply contrasting colors in the quick design to make the CV more impressive. The currently most popular pair of contrasting colors is black and white. The two colors make a great combination, which can enhance the visual effect. The use of white background, black text, along with small – sized image in a creative layout can help make you stand out to the recruiters.

Black and white is not the only choice, the different pairs of hot and cold colors, arranged in harmony with each other also can make your CV stand out. But keep in mind, do not overuse the number of colors, your quick design can easily become a “catastrophe”.

Strategic Colors To Highlight Your CV – Find A Job Quickly And EffectivelyUse colors that are relevant to your career

This is also one of the good ways to make your profile impressive. Choosing colors that match the industry logo you pursue. A strategic color not only help you to express your personality but it also gives more clues to the employers about your field and major. Therefore, it will give you a plus point the CV-screening round and get you to the shortlist.

For example, you work for a company in the medical field, so blue and white would be the best choice. It not only shows the ability to make a profile but also gives the employer a sense of your sophistication and understanding.

Strategic Colors To Highlight Your CV – Find A Job Quickly And Effectively

Nội dung nổi bật và quà tặng dành cho bạn

Now that you have known strategic colors to highlight your CV, it is time to practice designing an impressive CV of your own. DesignBold can help you make it quickly and effectively just by simple drags-and-drops. Check it out now!