Gender equality is a hot potato in the recent time. Women in general are gradually winning back the fundamental rights that should be theirs in the first place. Along with the growth of feminism, we can clearly see that now, women have become the center of creativity, inspiration and empowerment. One of the most significant fields which honor women and their beauty is Art. Feminism art is a big topic and is absolutely appealing to the artists and public.

The definition of feminism art

Feminist art is a category of art associated with the late 1960s and 1970s feminist movement. The goal and expectations a feminist artist tends to create, is to convey a conversation that is linked from the viewer of the work to the artist themselves. By highlighting the societal and political differences women and those of other gender identity experience within their lives. The hopeful gain from this form of art is to bring a positive and understanding change to the world, in hope to lead to equality.

feminist artMedia used range from traditional art forms such as painting to more unorthodox methods such as performance art, conceptual art, body art, craftivism, video, film, and fiber art. Feminist art has served as an innovative driving force towards expanding the definition of art through the incorporation of new media and a new perspective.

The feminist symbolism in art

1. The Curves

Women are usually portrayed in art with curves and waves. In fact, it is not rare for the artist to use the curvy lines as the representatives of women. People often think that this is an inappropriate act towards the feminism since it refer that the female are the weak ones and don’t have much power to them.

feminist artHowever, the fact is, representing the women with curves is an act of honouring their beauties and reinforcing their powers in life. Since each gender has their own peculiarity, it would make no sense if we try to put women into the image of their counterpart, making them more masculine, look and behave more manly. This is not the authentic feminism.

Therefore, honor the women in the right way, not by degrading the man, but by appreciating the women as the way they are.

2. Roses

If there is a competition amongst flowers to find out which one is the best representatives of the female gender, roses flower is without doubt the winner.

feminist artPretty and strong, they can shine with their unique charm but still capable enough to protect themselves from the harm of the outside world with their thorns. Roses are unarguably the best alternative of women in art.

3. Self-portrait

It is very common for the modern feminist artists (mostly women) to use themselves as the subjects of their work. By expressing themselves through these non-traditional means, women sought to expand the definition of fine art, and to incorporate a wider variety of artistic perspectives.

feminist artThe progress made by previous generations of feminist artists has meant that many contemporary creatives working in the 21st century no longer feel the responsibility to identify as “women artists” or openly address a woman’s perspective in their work. Rather many artists produce working the focused on their individual concerns as opposed to a general feminist message.

Feminist art created opportunities and spaces that previously did not exist for women and minority artists. It is a way for us to fight for gender equality and make world a better place.