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5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Creativity and increasing creativity are a long process, requiring absolute meticulousness and patience. Making it a part of everyday life will get you familiar and become a very good habit.

By designbold 3 Min Read

7 Habits Make You Better At Designing That You Can’t Ignore

Almost all the designers often wonder why there are so many famous designers all over the world and what are their secrets? It is believed that successful people always have

By designbold 5 Min Read

Two Most Simple Ways To Create Your Own Letterhead

Prospective customers, as well as the regular ones, can recognize your company when they see your logo and colors incorporated into your correspondence. So, you must put some thoughts and

By designbold 7 Min Read

Five Ideas On Using Images To Attract Your Customers

Using image is a popular and effective method in advertising, propagating product to customers. Each image conveys different messages from brands to the customers. Now, let’s pay attention to 5

By designbold 4 Min Read

Tips For Making Attractive Presentation With Graphs

The problem here is, how to convey as much info to your audience as possible with a graph as your assistance. So, long story short, there are two fundamental factors contributing to

By designbold 7 Min Read

What Is The Perfect Size For YouTube Channel Art, Banner, And Thumbnail?

People will only appreciate your Vlogs once they’ve deemed your YouTube channel looks professional enough. After all, your banner and thumbnail give people a sense of your personality as they

By designbold 8 Min Read