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9 Design Principles You Should Never Break

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Master the principles to become a professional designer Any industry has its own principles, and so does design. If you want to become a professional designer, you have to know the following 9 basic design principles. Now, let’s start! 1. Do not…

The Importance Of Layout In Graphic Designs

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What is the role of graphic design? How important is layout to graphic designers? Which factors will determine the success of a design? This article will tell you the importance of layout as well as its role to the graphic…

Top 13 Examples Of Creative Letterhead Designs

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For those who are short of time, there’s always online letterhead maker – like DesignBold, where there’re numerous professional, easy-to-use letterhead templates for you to choose from. However, if you do have the time and capability, why not try and make one of your own?…

Best Ways To Distribute Your Brochures To The Right Targets

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Marketing brochures are one of the most useful marketing tools to tell your company and your brand story to both of your current and prospective customers. While many companies invest a remarkable financial and human resources in brochure design and brochure print, brochure distribution seems…